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I think the idea that it is made from recycled polyester is good and the fact that we're putting recycling to another use is fantastic.

Alice, High School Pupil

Since opening our Nanjing office, David Luke has become the pioneer in revolutionising the Chinese school wear market, promoting sustainable and high-quality school uniform solutions, using fabrics made from 100% recycled materials.

Headed by Zhao Hailiang, the David Luke China team holds over 60 years of experience in China’s school wear industry and is able to offer an unrivalled uniform supply package with competitive pricing and a commitment and dedication to high-quality customer service. Our friendly and efficient customer service team in Nanjing is able to a provide Chinese and English bilingual hotline service to assist with any requests or needs that you may have.

David Luke中国公司成立以来,我们引领性地推广Eco环保校服,成为了中国校服变革的一股新的力量。在赵海亮先生的带领和努力下David Luke成功地为一所又一所中国高端学校提供高质量的校园服饰解决方案。

David Luke中国的团队拥有逾60年的校服行业经验;友好、高效的服务团队获得了客户的一致好评与认可,除了耐心地倾听客户心声和迅速地响应,我们还可以提供中英双语服务,满足不同学校的需求。


David Luke China School wear showroom

After-sales Service / 售后服务

David Luke is able to offer professional help and support in managing and coordinating uniform sales on the school premises, providing professional layout and decoration plans for uniform exhibitions, retail and storage areas as well as specialist trained staff to assist in uniform sales and inventory management.

Our online shop allows personalised login to place, top-up, review and manage your orders whilst a dedicated account manager will ensure efficient and timely response and advice to any queries.

Partnering with China’s leading specialist logistics companies (Shun Feng, DHL and Debang logistics), David Luke is able to cover all all provinces and municipal districts to ensure both reliable and secure on time delivery both at school or at home.

David Luke不仅仅为学校提供校服,还能为学校提供校服管理方面的协助:为学校设计专属的校园服饰商店;针对学校需求培训相关的管理人员;协助学校开展销售和管理库存的工作。


同时David Luke与知名的快递、物流公司合作(顺丰、DHL、德邦等),这些品牌公司的业务范围覆盖所有中国的省份,最大限度地保证高效、及时送达每一件David Luke校服。

Why choose David Luke in China? / 为什么选择 David Luke?

For schools who want their premium quality garments to be ethically sourced, David Luke is proud to be the only UK accredited Eco-uniform supplier. We pride ourselves on the quality of our uniform and the service we provide. David Luke’s garments are worn by pupils at some of the top independent schools in the UK, including Eton College, Wellington, Harrow School and Charterhouse.

With 2016 seeing us manufacture our ‘1 millionth Eco-blazer’, it is a great reflection of how schools, parents and organisations are becoming more environmentally conscious and are embracing the Eco concept and the reality that school uniform can be successfully and commercially manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. It is our dedication to an ethical approach and our efforts to reduce the impact that we have on the world’s resources, without compromising on quality, that means prestigious schools love and use our uniform time and time again.

David Luke作为英国唯一认定的Eco学校的校服供应商,是很多关注环保、道德教育学校的最佳选择。


2016我们见证了David Luke第一百万件环保西服的诞生,这个成就的背后反映出现在的学校、家长和社会对于环境保护的重视。


我们始终致力于构建一种公平道德的品牌标准,在保障质量和服务的前提下努力减少对世界资源的浪费和环境的污染,而这个理念的坚持,使得越来越多的学校选择David Luke品牌。

Fisher, Adrian Luke and David Burgess

Awards and Accreditations / 奖项及荣誉

Intertek Green Leaf

Independent verification has been given by Intertek to show that all the polyester fabric we use in our Eco-blazers, jackets, trousers, shorts, skirts and polo shirts is 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Intertek提供了独立的验证,证明了David Luke的西装、夹克、裤装、裙装、Polo中使用的所有涤纶织物都是100%来自消费者丢弃的塑料制品。

SCS Global Services

The recycled polyester fabric that we use in our Eco-sweatshirts has been certified as 100% post-consumer waste by SCS Global Services for Recycled Content Certification.

David Luke的环保卫衣已被SCS认证为以100%消费后废弃物(塑料瓶)为原料生产而成。


In 2004, we were awarded with the ISO4001 accreditation for implementing our Environmental Management System. We strive to continually improve our environmental performance and are constantly seeking to monitor, review and progress in this area.

2004年以来,我们一直通过ISO 4001认证来环境管理体系。我们也在持续地优化环保体系,并不断改进和提升。


Contact us / 联系我们

Add: 170-1  No.170-1 Ruanjian Road Yuhuatai District Nanjing

Bilingual Hotline: 400-001-1982

TEL: 025-84664801

Website: www.davidluke.com.cn



双语热线: 400-001-1982

电话:  025-84664801



All three of my children wear the sports shorts for PE at school, and they wash brilliantly, all the uniforms still look as good as new. I would definitely recommend to friends.

Leighanne, Mum of three

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