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The quality of the uniform is fantastic, my 3 year old son wears the trousers, he is very active, always climbing, falling over and getting himself filthy, the trousers are still as good as new. They wash brilliantly even on a 15 degree wash.

Leighanne, Mum of three

What David Luke already do internationally

David Luke currently supply and export garments to approximately 20 International Schools via retailers with whom we have established relationships with across the World, including in Italy, Canada, France, Hungary, UAE, Portugal and Gibraltar, providing uniform for an estimated 3000 pupils internationally.

It is these established relationships with international retailers and distributors that give us understanding in their market and allows us to supply products to serve their market’s needs. This approach works for us in the UK and has allowed us to provide uniform for some of the most prestigious International schools.

What can we offer your international school as part of our relationship?

It is our commitment to our Eco credentials which had led to our 4 year long relationship with internationally recognised organisation ‘Eco-Schools England’. As we enter our 5th year of the relationship, we continue to help them engage with the 49,000 schools involved with Eco-Schools in the world today. We empower them and their pupils to improve our environment. As partners of Eco-Schools England and our reputation as being the number one supplier for ‘Eco-uniform’, we can use these assets to help you target, build relationships and supply schools in your market.

Produced through our partnership with Eco-schools, we offer lesson plans as a resource to help teachers as a way to incorporate recycling into the curriculum and to educate children about recycling plastic and the benefits of doing so.

You can find these lesson plans at:

Key Stage 2: http://eco-schools.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/ks2-pshe-lesson-plan-david-luke-jan2014-v2_1283.pdf

Key Stage 3: http://eco-schools.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/ks3-pshe-lesson-plan-david-luke-jan-2014final_1311.pdf

Why choose David Luke?

For international schools who want their premium quality garments to be ethically sourced, David Luke is proud to be the only UK accredited eco-uniform supplier. We pride ourselves on the quality of our uniform and the service we provide. David Luke’s garments are worn by pupils at some of the top independent schools in the UK, including Eton College, Harrow School and Charterhouse.

With 2016 seeing us manufacture our ‘1 millionth Eco-blazer’, it is a great reflection of how schools, parents and organisations are becoming more environmentally conscious and are embracing the Eco concept and the reality that school uniform can be successfully and commercially manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. It is our dedication to an ethical approach and our efforts to reduce the impact that we have on the world’s resources, without compromising on quality, that means prestigious schools love and use our uniform time and time again.

As well as a wide range of stock supported styles, David Luke can offer a comprehensive range of bespoke school uniform garments and styles to cater to your school’s individual needs. We supply premium quality poly wool jackets, skirts and trousers, bespoke blazers tailored to your needs, trousers and shorts in materials such as poly wool pinstripe, corduroys and lightweight poly viscose and poly cotton garments, as well as the more modern and popular skort and culottes styles. If you have any specific requirements, our sales team are on hand to answer any queries and help you achieve the desired look for your school.

Ethical Credentials

SCS Global Services

The recycled polyester fabric that we use in our Eco-sweatshirts has been certified as 100% post-consumer waste by SCS Global Services for Recycled Content Certification.


In 2004, we were awarded with the ISO4001 accreditation for implementing our Environmental Management System. We strive to continually improve our environmental performance and are constantly seeking to monitor, review and progress in this area.

Environmental Business Pledge

As recognition of the measures David Luke have taken to reduce our impact on the environment and our carbon and environmental footprint, we were awarded the bronze and silver level of achievement as part of Manchester City Council’s Environmental pledge.

We have also won a regional Innovation and Technology award for the impact our Eco-uniform has had on improving the environment; reducing both emissions and waste.

In 2014, David Luke were regional finalists in the HSBC Global Connections competition, which recognises the most innovative and dynamic businesses in the UK.

Find out more about our ethical credentials.

We have a dedicated sales team to visit you, if requested, and to answer any queries. We can work with different markets to develop innovative products, such as the Eco-uniform, to serve your needs. This is one of the many reasons that our existing customers love working with us.

Waste isn’t useless; it’s actually something you can use to make more things. You can recycle it into all different sorts of things.

Pupil, aged 9

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