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We need to do more to prevent waste to landfill. Supporting markets for recycled products is important.

Mrs Dixon, parent

3 Ways to Re-Love Your School Uniform

We might be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of school uniform but that doesn’t mean we want you to buy new every time. Quite the opposite. There’s a huge mountain of pre-worn school uniform hiding in wardrobes and lofts across the country that could easily be re-loved. It just needs a gentle nudge to get back into circulation. Read on for our tips on how you can re-love your school uniform. 

1. Set up a Facebook Group as your school swap shop  

Back to school is a unique time of year for many reasons, one of them being the volume of barely worn uniform that is in circulationWe’ve seen some brilliant examples of schools setting up Facebook Groups to enable families to swap pre-worn (in some cases unworn) uniform with different year groups. It’s the ultimate hand-me-down network. Simply set up a private Facebook group and pin the group rules to the top of the page. Encourage parents to use the group throughout the year and let’s put a stop to great quality school uniform going to landfill. 

pre-worn school uniform

2. Recruit a retailer 

School uniform retailers are passionate about supporting their local community. Why not collaborate with your local specialist and hold donation days or uniform swap events throughout the year to compliment key dates that families seek out new uniform options? It’s important that we all find ways of closing the loop on school uniform. Use our store finder to identify a retailer in your area and tell them we sent you! 

pre-word school uniform

3. Hold a donation day 

Your school is the perfect hub for all things re-loved. Whether it’s setting up a Re-Love Your Uniform stall at the next PTA event or fixing a drop-off point for anyone wishing to donate old items. If your school is part of the Eco-Schools network, you may even have a ready-made group of young helpers eager to support in-school activities. Why not ask at the school office next time you’re passing?  


If you are interested in setting up any of the above suggestions with your pre-worn school uniform make sure to tag us on social media @davidlukeschooluniform so we can see your brilliant efforts. If you’re looking for a mix of pre-loved and new school uniform for this back to school season, take a look at our range of eco school uniform

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