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Using recycled plastic bottles to make the Eco-fabric for the blazers is a fantastic way to demonstrate to children how products can go on to become something entirely different through the process of recycling. Students are proud to wear their uniforms.

Headteacher, Newport Free Grammar School

10 Years of Eco-uniform at this year’s Schoolwear Show

Celebrating 10 Years of Eco-uniform at this year’s Schoolwear Show

To help us celebrate 10 years of our innovative and ‘industry first’ Eco-uniform, we are sponsoring the SA Coffee Lounge at this year’s Schoolwear Show on 13-15 October. As founding members of the Schoolwear Association (SA), we are delighted to be sponsoring this year’s Coffee Lounge; and, in turn, supporting all the great things the SA does for this market. The sponsorship gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate an important turning point in our 37-year history. Plus, we will endeavour to make this year’s coffee lounge plastic free, further emphasising our eco and sustainability mission.

As one of the biggest schoolwear brands in the UK, with our main focus towards independent retailers on the high street. We pride ourselves on our efforts towards sustainability. This includes manufacturing garments in our eco-uniform range using post-consumer waste plastic bottles wherever possible.

If you’d like to visit us at this year’s Schoolwear Show and find out more about our Eco-uniform range, plus our new sportswear range, JUCO, register at https://www.theschoolwearshow.co.uk/register/

Read the full CWB article about our sponsorship here

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Waste isn’t useless; it’s actually something you can use to make more things. You can recycle it into all different sorts of things.

Pupil, aged 9

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