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The quality of the uniform is fantastic, my 3 year old son wears the trousers, he is very active, always climbing, falling over and getting himself filthy, the trousers are still as good as new. They wash brilliantly even on a 15 degree wash.

Leighanne, Mum of three


We are well known for being the supplier of Eco-uniform, but we want to take sustainabaility to the next level and do more to save our planet. We have set out the below pledges and hope to complete these by 2022.


By the end of 2020 we want to have exceeded our goal of saving 30 million plastic bottles from reaching landfill through the manufacturing of our Eco-uniform. If the bottles were laid end to end, that would be the equivalent to travelling around the moon 3 times.






We are reviewing our packaging across the supply chain and looking at ways to reduce, re-purpose or make recyclable. Watch this space!





“Long Live School Uniform” – to champion an end of life campaign for garments. We see that second-hand clothing is becoming more accepted in general and we plan to work with retailers to find solutions and best practises to bring it into trading in a positive way.




Waste isn’t useless; it’s actually something you can use to make more things. You can recycle it into all different sorts of things.

Pupil, aged 9

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