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It feels nice and soft, I’d like to wear it.

Pupil, aged 8

We are proud to be working with Eco-Schools England as an official partner. Eco-Schools England has around 17,000 schools registered as an Eco-School. The award programme guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life. Each of these schools has actively tackled environmental issues from litter and waste recycling to healthy living and biodiversity.

Since the partnership began, awareness of our Eco-uniform has improved hugely and is fast becoming a talking point for change in many schools across the UK. Schools recognise that our Eco-uniform is a more tangible way of teaching pupils about waste recycling and encourages social responsibility.

With prices of our eco uniform comparable to non eco uniform of the same quality, it is a manageable change for schools to undertake and for parents to afford.

To learn more about Eco-Schools England visit: eco-schools.org.uk

What Eco Schools England have to say…

“Keep Britain Tidy is excited to be working in partnership with David Luke and their eco-uniform range, which uses less energy to produce than a standard blazer and is helping to reduce landfill of waste plastic drinking bottles. Via our Eco-Schools programme, we’re looking forward to highlighting this practical demonstration of the link between improving the environment and the impact on education.”

Phil Barton, Chief Executive, Keep Britain Tidy.

We need to do more to prevent waste to landfill. Supporting markets for recycled products is important.

Mrs Dixon, parent