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We are delighted with this new eco-initiative. The quality of the uniform is excellent – you would never guess the material is made from recycled plastic and the added bonus is that it’s more hard wearing and colourfast than ordinary material.

Headteacher, Falconers Hill Infant School

The customer experience is at the centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves on being one of the best, but we never sit still and are always looking to improve and adapt how we do business.

It is important every customer knows what to expect from us and experience exceeds expectations. We will aim to always deliver on the following…

  • Stand in your shoes – Take the time to understand you and your business needs.

– 88% of customers said we met their overall business needs very well or extremely well.*

  • A big smile – Have a friendly approach and always be a pleasure to do business with.

– 100% agreed that our approach is friendly.*

  • Simplify, simplify, simplify – Be easy to deal with. Things should just work.

– 100% said we were easy to deal with as a company.*

  • Straight up – Be transparent, open and honest.

– 100% agreed that our approach to doing business was one or more of the following: friendly, transparent, open and honest.*

  • Give our all – Do our best at all times with full respect for you and others.

– 98% of customers felt they were dealt with respectfully and David Luke staff gave their best, most or all of the time.*

(*Results from a recent survey asking about customer experience during 2015 back to school).

Using recycled plastic bottles to make the Eco-fabric for the blazers is a fantastic way to demonstrate to children how products can go on to become something entirely different through the process of recycling. Students are proud to wear their uniforms.

Headteacher, Newport Free Grammar School