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Waste isn’t useless; it’s actually something you can use to make more things. You can recycle it into all different sorts of things.

Pupil, aged 9

A recent customer satisfaction survey found:

  • 100% of customers said we were easy to deal with as a company.
  • 88% felt we understood their business needs very well or extremely well.
  • 98% of customers felt they were dealt with respectfully and that staff gave their best, most or all of the time.

Here’s what else they thought about our service:

“Service is exceptional, can’t suggest any improvements to make”

“Very happy with the service I receive”

“I am very happy with David Luke, keep up the good work”

“Overall very satisfied”

“You’re on fire, keep up the good work!”


“Navigation around the site is clear. There is a lot more content available than previously, and I have no issues finding what I am looking for.”

Jonathan, S.Simmonds & Sons Ltd, Kent.

“Really loving the new site, navigation is really easy, and the categories all make sense. The product information is incredibly useful and has saved a lot of time, this is so brilliant to have!! The site is amazing and is working really well for us as a company”

Finola, Alleycatz, Surrey


“I saw the David Luke slim fit trouser and just knew they would sell. They are a great style and fit for the right age group and more importantly they had stock at the right time. They’re great!”

David, Casey’s Schoolwear, Kent.

It doesn't feel rough, like you might have thought something made out of plastic would.

Pupil, aged 9