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The blazer looks very well made, we were pleased to read it's been made from recycled plastic. Very pleased with your product.


“At Newport we try to teach students of the importance of recycling and being environmentally aware. Any organisation that is responsible for educating young people has an ethical responsibility to practice what they preach. Using recycled plastic bottles to make the Eco-Fabric for the blazers is a fantastic way to demonstrate to children how products can go on to become something entirely different through the process of recycling. Students are proud to wear their uniforms; the fact that their uniforms started life as a drinks bottle makes them even prouder!”.

Gordon Farquhar, Headteacher, Newport Free Grammar School.


“We are delighted with this new eco-initiative. The quality of the uniform is excellent – you would never guess the material is made from recycled plastic and the added bonus is that it’s more hard wearing and colourfast than ordinary material”.

Coleen Wilkins, Headteacher, Falconers Hill Infant School.

All three of my children wear the sports shorts for PE at school, and they wash brilliantly, all the uniforms still look as good as new. I would definitely recommend to friends.

Leighanne, Mum of three