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Waste isn’t useless; it’s actually something you can use to make more things. You can recycle it into all different sorts of things.

Pupil, aged 9

Our supply chain spans the globe, from our factories around the world, through our distribution centre in Manchester, and then on to our customers throughout the UK. A single garment can make a journey covering thousands of miles and be handled by dozens of people. A sustainable supply chain is one that meets the needs of today without affecting the viability of the future. To achieve this we must consider our environmental footprint and focus on maximising efficiency, reducing the affect we have on the world’s resources.


Recycling has been a company wide initiative that has been implemented for a few years now. Our aim is to recycle a significant proportion of our waste and continue to identify further opportunities for recycling.


With the opening of our renamed buildings ‘Eco Works’ in 2012 our newest warehouse was installed with P.I.R Sensor lighting to improve energy efficiency.

Energy saving

Education for all staff is paramount in reducing our environmental footprint. Signage to remind staff to ‘Switch Off’, maximising natural light by keeping windows clean, power saving off equipment & monitoring energy use.


Our transport systems are also considered as we try and reduce our environmental footprint. We consolidate deliveries both inbound and outbound where possible. Our parcel carriers also have high performance zero emission vehicles.

We need to do more to prevent waste to landfill. Supporting markets for recycled products is important.

Mrs Dixon, parent