How to talk to your child about their return to school

Feeling worried about how things might have changed for you and your children when they finally return to school? David Luke’s Resident Anxiety Coach Sarie Taylor is on hand to advise how to embrace the new normal in the playground. We are all facing an ever-changing new norm, and often one of the biggest fears we have is that we might get it wrong, and the consequences of that. It’s a big change for both parents and children, and we can lead this change to pave the way for our children. Here are 5 tips that will help you do that.

5 tips to help you and your children return to school...

  1. No expectations

    Explore and talk to your children about the idea that it may or may not feel strange for them. And that there is no expectation of how they will or will not feel. Give them permission to take it one step at a time, and go with the flow. We can often assume they will be fearful and they may not!
  2. Perfection is not required

    Remember we will not just get it all right straight away. We may find ourselves in a situation where on reflection we would have done things differently, this is all part of the learning. If our children know this, then when they do something by mistake, they do not have to beat themselves up for this. They do not need to worry unnecessarily. We can only do our best.
  3. Talking about fears

    Watch how you talk about your own fears in front of your children. We do not have to be filled with fear to remain safe. In fact we are much more likely to make good choices when we are calmer. We are only ever experiencing anything through our own eyes, and our children have their own perception too.
  4. One day at a time

    We do not have to have this all figured out. Things are forever changing and adjusting, and we will find a way to make things work for us and our family, even if it does involve constant tweaks. The less pressure we put on ourselves the better and more well equipped to deal with stress we will be.
  5. What others think about us is none of our business

    I mean this in the nicest possible way. People will always have differing opinions, worries and concerns to us, and that is OK. We are unable to change our own thoughts, so there is definitely no chance in changing someone else’s. We are all deep down just doing the best we can. If someone has a strong opinion on you and the way you do things, then this comes from their place of fear. This does not need to be managed by you. Keep your energy and focus for you and your family and do not forget when possible, amongst the chaos, have fun too.
This post is just one in a series of expert advice from Sarie. Why not check out '3 ways you can help your child feel positive about the future' here. Sarie Taylor is The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor and is a qualified psychotherapist, specialist anxiety coach and founder of Sarie Taylor Coaching