Our Factories

We are full members of the Ethical Trading Initiative which is an important industry standard that holds companies and their supply chain partners accountable.

We have long-standing relationships with our factories and think of their employees as our extended work family. Come with us on our tour of our factories and find out where we manufacture in the world.


Location: China

Employees: 34 (8 male, 26 female)

Product Type: Guidewear, Blazers

David Luke Partner Since: 2003


Location: Pakistan

Employees: 49 (47 male, 2 female)

Product Type: Sportswear

David Luke Partner Since: 2002

Garment Services

Location: Sri Lanka

Employees: 263 (66 male, 197 female)

Product Type: Girls Trousers, Skirts, Boys Trousers & Sportswear

David Luke Partner Since: 2014


Location: Bangladesh

Employees: 1,845 (705 male, 1,140 female)

Product Type: Blazers

David Luke Partner Since: 2016

S.B Knitting LTD

Location: Bangladesh

Employees: 1,280 (448 male, 832 female)

Product Type: Guidewear

David Luke Partner Since: 2019