Make Maths revision fun with Maths Rockx!

As a parent, trying to get our children to play outdoors or convincing them to do their homework isn’t always easy. We all know how much kids love their ipads and tablets and if we let them, they would spend hours a day on them.

What is Maths Rockx?

Introducing an app that does all three at once! Maths Rockx is a highly-motivating and engaging tool that combines screen time, exercise and maths revision in a fun and interactive game. Used by educators and parents, kids will love it, whether at home or in the classroom!

How does Maths Rockx work?

Perfect for key stage 1,2 and 3 level Maths, Maths Rockx is a fun app in which all the times tables are sang to pop music, such as One Direction, Pink, and Pharrell Williams. It is said that children learn best to music due to the rhythm and beat. Music creates memory triggers for the lyrics… and in this case the lyrics are the times tables! It’s a win win! The app also features an interactive, multi-levelled quiz section. This allows you to test your child’s knowledge whilst the track plays in the background; a great tool to help assess their progress and identify any multiplications that need improvement. Melissa from our buying team who regularly uses the Math Rockx app to help her children learn their times tables said:
“My daughter Tilly (age 8) loves music, but not so much her maths so this app has really helped us. She now dances around the house singing and dancing her times tables.”
For more information visit the Maths Rockx website at Have you used the Maths Rockx app before? Let us know what you thought and if it helped your child or class with their times tables. If not, get downloading, it’s so much fun! Available on the App Store and Google Play. Thank you to Melissa from our buying team for providing the content for this blog post.