Your kids are officially off for May half term! And with so much energy in the house, you might be tempted to get them out and do something fun. There are so many things to do in half term (some you might not even have thought of) but where do you start? Here are 10 school holiday activity ideas to keep your kids busy this half term.

1. Mini Golf

Have you ever tried mini golf? If not now is your chance. Mini golf is so much fun, especially for those with a competitive streak. And it has really been growing in popularity! The types of courses you can do has also grown. From glow in the dark to outdoor courses, your mini golf options are endless. Many places are child friendly meaning they’re more than able to take part while marveling at the decor around them. Prices can vary but you’ll definitely be occupied for an hour or two making it completely worth it. Enjoy!

2. Climbing Walls

Why not use the half term to get your kids moving? Climbing walls are an activity you might not have considered before. If your child loves a challenge (and isn’t scared of heights) this activity could be the one for you. Most climbing centres have multiple different climbs for your child to conquer and you usually get over an hour to do so. It’s such a fun and alternative idea to try! Prices can be expensive, but it might be perfect for a rare occasion. It’s also worth noting that under 4’s aren’t allowed at most centres but this can vary. Time to start climbing!

3. Botanical Gardens

A great warm day activity is a trip out to the botanical gardens. Not only are they beautiful to visit it’s also perfect to give your children a little run around. The gardens are usually free which makes for a great affordable activity, and they often have a cafe where you can grab lunch and an ice cream. Or you could even take a picnic? It’s a simple and fun way to get your kids out of the house, perfect for school holiday activities.

4. Zoo

If you’re looking for half term ideas, what’s better than a trip to the zoo? It’s safe to say there’s zoos here there and everywhere so finding one is no problem. Your kids will never tire of seeing the exotic animals and most zoos do plenty of shows where you can learn a thing or two! Some zoos can be quite expensive to visit so that’s one thing to keep in mind but it’s definitely worth it. And if you’re really branching out, many have experiences that you can pay for, such as feeding giraffes! If you’re looking for something a little smaller to try, you can also check out wildlife parks such as ones in Yorkshire or even Shepreth.

5. Science Museum

Although it might be half term coming up, there’s still always room to learn. And one way to learn while having lots of fun (and maybe even for free), is by visiting a science museum. And thankfully, not every museum is super boring to walk round, many now have interactive opportunities so that your kids can make the most of it. There are science museums all over the UK, but you might even be tempted to visit one of the big ones including Thinktank in Birmingham or the Science Museum in London. Your kids will have hours of fun no matter which one you visit, and they may even have a new fact to share!

6. Splash Park

If you’ve got a blast of sun this half term (which we hope you do) then your kids might be looking for a way too cool off, why not try a splash park? You can find splash parks throughout the UK and they’re especially perfect if you’ve got little ones to entertain. Splash parks are great for keeping your kids occupied as they often have a variety of water features. Many splash parks are also free, but this can depend on the park you’re visiting. Either way, they’re affordable and non-stop fun!

7. Roller skating

Roller skating is one activity that’s quickly making a comeback. Remember rollerblading to good music in the eighties? You and your children can do just that with roller rinks dotted throughout the country. The perfect half term activity to have fun with! Most rinks charge no more than £5 to have a go so it doesn’t have to cost you much either. It’s a great opportunity for your kids to try something new.

8. Library

Speaking of free days out for kids, libraries aren’t just about picking up some good books, some are so iconic that just visiting them is a day out in itself. Throughout the UK there are many stunning and iconic library’s that are worth paying a visit to. The Wren Library in Cambridge and the Chetham’s Library in Manchester are just two that are sure to fascinate your children. If you’ve got some book lovers in your family, this is a day out they’ll love.

9. Ten Pin Bowling

Bowling, an absolute classic. Ten-pin bowling is a fun and competitive way to spend your time this half term and it’s especially a favourite for kids birthday parties! It’s even great for your smaller ones as you can help them bowl with a ramp and put the sides up to stop the ball going in the gutter (always the worst). Many alleys also have mini arcades for some extra fun between bowls! Bowling isn’t usually too pricey but that can depend on the place so definitely check beforehand. No matter if there’s just a few of you or even a big group, children will love this activity!

10. Trampolining

Another way to keep your children active this school holidays is by taking them to a trampoline park. This is another activity for kids that has been slowly appearing more recently and it’s because the kids just love to bounce! From foam pits, basketball hoops and obstacle courses, your children will be wiped out from all the fun. There are loads dotted about these days so they’re easy to get to and also usually affordable. You may have to buy trampoline socks but as a tip, keep hold of them and you won’t need to buy more next time! It’s a great way for your children to let off some steam and do something new. We hope your half term is now all booked up with plenty of fun! If you find yourself looking for more ideas like these, you can check out our post on 23 holiday activities for your kids. And remember, as we enter summer term you might be looking for some new uniform to keep your kids cool. We have everything you need to kit your kids out for summer so check out our website for more info. Have fun!