A 5-step washing guide to the perfect school blazer, every time.

As the half term comes to an end, the dreaded task of washing your children’s school uniform looms. Washing a school blazer can often be a daunting task as you battle to keep the fabric looking as good as new and holding its' shape. Here at David Luke, we have a set of handy tips and instructions to achieve the perfect wash every time. How to wash your school blazer:
  1. Ensure that all the blazer pockets are empty. You don’t want a rogue tissue ruining the fabric or a pen lid blocking up your washing machine!
  2. Prepare for your wash by always reading the label of your school blazer first.
  3. We recommend washing our blazers at 40 degrees and avoiding strong fabric conditioners to help reduce the stress on the fabric, keep the colour looking fresh and prolong the garment’s life span. Our school blazers can also be professionally dry cleaned, if preferred.
  4. For best results, do not tumble dry. Simply hang up to dry.
  5. In general, if you have hung out your school blazer to dry it shouldn't need ironing and will maintain it's lasting shape. However, if you want to achieve an even smarter finish, place a damp cloth between the blazer and the iron. Never iron directly onto the fabric.
TOP TIP: When cared for properly our school blazers and jackets are extremely long-lasting. One of the most common things we see that reduces the longevity of our blazers is the use of certain types of rucksacks that can cause abrasion. Rough nylon rucksacks when worn against a school blazer can cause pilling and affect the quality of the blazer’s appearance. Be sure to choose rucksacks carefully!
Our David Luke Eco-blazers and jackets are made from recycled plastic bottles. By purchasing and wearing a David Luke Eco-product you are helping to prevent huge amounts of plastic bottle waste from going into landfill or entering our oceans. Take a look at our range of school blazers at https://www.davidluke.com/schoolwear/blazers