Back to School Tips for Parents

Back to School tips for Parents

As September slowly creeps up on us we all begin to reflect and question “Where did the time go?”, “What did I even do this summer”, “Why is it so cold?”. Then suddenly we are in the middle of chaos; gathering back to school supplies and replacing outgrown uniforms. The stresses at the start of a new academic year can be just as overwhelming for parents as it is for children. Particularly when your child is transitioning from primary school to high school. This creates a bigger challenge for parents to get their kids back out of ‘binge watching Netflix mode’ to ‘work mode’. We hope we can help you with these 5 tips for your kids going back or entering High School.
  1. Morning Routine

Restarting the school run is one of the most daunting tasks that requires mental and physical exhaustion. However, there are a few small changes you can do to make the morning more bearable. Preparations made the night before can be life saving especially if you’ve snoozed your alarm a few times before getting out of bed. Decide what your children will be having for breakfast, if you are able to prep it - even better. Its important that your kids fuel themselves for learning all the things they will forget when they go to college.
  1. Coping with Nerves

Reassure your child that no one will expect them to know everything that’s going on. Particularly, if it’s a new school or they are going into year seven. Tell them that’s its okay if they ask for directions or enter the wrong class, full of giant-sized sixth form students.
  1. Work Overload

You may notice a massive increase in the number of different things your child has to remember. Games kit on certain days, different textbooks, lots of exciting homework and some even get swipe cards now. Don’t worry – they will forget all these things at some point…maybe at the same time.
  1. Parent – teacher relationship

Establishing a form of two-way communication between you and your child’s teacher can be beneficial. It can be encouraging for your child to feel good about school. Studies have shown a positive parent-teacher relationship can have a contribution to your child’s overall success. You don’t have to be their best friend, but you should familiarise yourself with them.
  1. Extracurricular

Nobody likes getting up on a Saturday at 8am to drop your kid off to football. Apparently, these “extracurricular activities” are good for character development! It’s a good way for your child to socialise and get a routine for healthier activities than the ones they had over the summer. Good-luck to all the parents getting there children ready for school and we hope you have an amazing start to the year!