David Luke hosts Great British Spring Clean litter pick

The Great British Spring Clean is a Keep Britain Tidy campaign with one simple ambition - “to bring people together from across the country to clear up the litter that blights our towns, villages, countryside and coastline.” As partners of Keep Britain Tidy’s environmental education programme ‘Eco-Schools England’, and official sponsors of Eco-Schools’ “litter month”, the Great British Spring Clean campaign is one that we feel strongly about and wanted to show our support for. On Thursday 2nd March, David Luke welcomed 30 children from local schools, Dean Trust Academy, St Augustine’s Primary School and Heald Place Primary School to help us with our very own Great British Spring Clean litter pick. We were also fortunate enough to welcome the campaign’s ambassadors Wayne & Koda. Wayne Dixon and his northern inuit husky, Koda, are walking the entire coast of Great Britain carrying out litter picks and raising awareness of litter and the damage it does to our environment and communities. They are also raising awareness of mental health and husky neglect, which are two other reasons why they decided to embark on their journey. After taking part in the litter pick at David Luke and the surrounding area, Wayne said “It was brilliant to see a company such as David Luke being involved with something so innovative & something that will help the environment and also brilliant that they are supporting Keep Britain tidy.” As a company whose supply chain spans across the entire globe, we are conscious of our potential effects on the environment and the world’s resources. That’s why we installed P.I.R sensor lighting in our warehouses to improve energy efficiency, consolidate our outbound and inbound deliveries, where possible, and use parcel carriers with high performance zero emission vehicles. However, what we are most known for as an eco-company is our recycling initiative. Not only do we recycle our waste within the office, but in 2010, we pioneered the first ever eco-jacket. Our eco-uniform is made from fabric which is made from 100% recycled, post-consumer waste, plastic bottles. By 2015, our eco-uniform range expanded across all polyester blazers and jackets, trousers, shorts, skirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts. As a result, since 2013, we have saved over 20 millions 2L plastic bottles from going to landfill or into our oceans! Read about the process of how our eco-polyester fabric is made here. Be a part of Eco-Schools England and Keep Britain Tidy's “litter month” by conducting a litter pick in your school. Turn it into a fun activity for all pupils by counting the number of items collected or weighing the total amount of litter picked. Remember, 16 plastic bottles can make one of our school uniform blazers or jackets, 4 plastic bottles can make our trousers, skirts or shorts and 2 plastic bottles is enough to make our polo shirts or sweatshirts. How many school uniform garments would you be able to make?