For one night only...David Luke are ABBA!

Having almost completed my first year as MD at David Luke, the video footage of our karaoke attempts at the Schoolwear Association event in Solihull last weekend, shows that I should continue to keep up the day job (not that I can bring myself to watch it as I recall it all quite clearly). My hogging of the microphone was nothing short of shameful but put me in front of a roomful of people who can't easily escape and this is what will happen.... Having just been entertained by Hannah from Marton Mills, who is quite an exceptional singer and musician, it was then over to various suppliers and exhibitors to entertain the attendees of the dinner with 70's related karaoke efforts. Kirsty, Mark, Adrian and I tried our best to follow the first act but Kirsty's dance routine and my shouting into the microphone could have been a little more polished....we'll try better next time!

Schoolwear Association 'Sunday Night Fever' evening

The event followed the annual Schoolwear Show held at AIS in Solihull on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It raised funds for the Schoolwear Association as they continue to work hard promoting the benefits of school specific uniform on behalf of all the members and the trade in general. It was a really fun night and a great opportunity for retailers, manufacturers and distributors to talk in a more relaxed environment after the intensity of Back to School.

Schoolwear Show 2015

The Schoolwear Show itself was another excellent exhibition in the calendar and saw hundreds of independent retailers visit the supply base to see what's new for 2016. We were delighted to see so many customers who have had a great Back to School this year and have been pleased with our improved service. We had lots of positive comments about our great trade site and huge interest in all the new products and developments for next year. I'm really looking forward to what's ahead this next year and I promise I'll be keeping well away from any karaoke machines...