Re:Uniform Cleaning and Clothing Care Tips To Make School Uniform Last Longer

Re:Uniform Cleaning and Clothing Care Tips To Make School Uniform Last Longer We know how tricky washing school uniform can be. Piles of laundry containing ink stains from getting creative at school, grass stains from rolling on the grass at playtime, and gum stuck on the bottom of a school skirt from sitting on the bus. Don’t worry we have compiled some life hacks in getting stains out of your school uniform.

How to Remove Pen Ink Stains

Removing pen ink stains from school shirts becomes a regular occurrence. Rubbing alcohol is usually effective on permanent ink stays. However, always make sure you test this on a small unseen area before trying on the stain. Use a clean paper towel to blot rubbing alcohol to the area. Whilst you are blotting make sure to continuously dry the area to make sure the ink does not spread. Rubbing alcohol will dilute the stain making it far easier to get rid of it in the wash. TIP: This also works on great grass stains!

How to Get Rid of Chewing Gum out of Clothes

When chewing gum finds its way onto our clothes sometimes it feels like a loosing battle against this pesky glue. However there are some simple clever solutions to get rid of gum without damaging your clothes. Rub an ice cube on it! By cooling the chewing gum it allows it to harden completely. You can then get a blunt object like a spoon to scrape it off. Remember to scrape it off immediately once it hardens. If it softens again just simply cool it with an ice cube again. The trick is to gently ease the gum off the fabric so that you don’t damage it.

How to Clean a White School Shirt

There are a few clever steps to take in keeping your kids white school shirts staying nice and bright. A combination of laundry detergent, baking soda and lemon juice seems to do the trick, as seen here. We hope our cleaning and clothing care tips for your school uniform has been useful to you and will inspire you to make your clothes last longer. Last year we launched Re:Uniform in an effort to give old or unwanted uniform a new lease of life. Whether it’s repairing split hems and holes or finding likeminded families to swap with, there are plenty of ways to Re:Uniform. Learn how to extend the life of your sustainable school uniform with our simple fix it tutorials. Feeling creative? Why not turn old uniform into something completely new! Perfect for an end of term activity or summer craft project, watch our tutorials here. To help you understand how to wash school uniforms and care for them, we have put together an easy guide to understand the source of different fabrics, and what to do with it when it comes to the end of its life. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram Find a stockist or contact us.