Want more for your money? We put school uniform to the test

School uniform can be expensive, especially if you want schoolwear garments that will outperform the wear and tear of constantly on-the-move, adventurous and explorative children. With supermarkets offering cheap school uniform from as little as 75p for a school shirt, companies like David Luke offer uniform that can stand the test of time (and classroom and schoolyard play) to prove that quality will come up trumps, time and time again. In general, school uniform struggles to maintain its reputation, with reports of school uniform colour fading after a couple of washes, items losing their shape or polo shirts feeling a little ‘stiff’ after one wash. We compared our junior sweat cardigan with that of another well-known schoolwear manufacturer to see who came out on top. Kerry, from our finance team, purchased a David Luke junior sweat cardigan and another school uniform supplier's sweat cardigan at the same time, 2 years ago. She said:
“Both were sold at a similar price point, yet I couldn’t believe the difference in quality after just a couple of washes. The David Luke cardigan kept its bright blue colour in comparison to its competitor which faded after only two washes. Whenever my daughter wears the David Luke cardigan, other Mums in the playground ask where I buy her uniform from as she stands out so much due to the fabric keeping its bright colour and the garment looking as good as new. The pockets on the side of the David Luke cardigan were also more convenient and felt more natural to use in comparison to the front pockets of the other.”
After testing our range of sweatshirts and cardigans, Sam, from our merchandise department explains the science behind David Luke’s long-lasting quality:
“When comparing the junior sweatshirt with other schoolwear brands, we won hands down! We have added a little Acrylic to the garment; this is the secret ingredient in keeping that colour locked in….we have test reports to prove it! In comparison, it isn’t THE softest, but it’s still super soft on the skin and will last way longer than our competitor’s sweatshirt. We also tested our product for any colour transfer, i.e. making your brilliant white shirt a shade of maroon when worn. And again it passed with flying colours (4-5 score to be precise….5 is near impossible to achieve). Our sweatshirts are tested regularly for pilling from our supplier and we have very few returned to us for quality issues”
Our Managing Director, Kathryn, recently wrote an article for CWB Magazine discussing the threat we face from supermarkets and schoolwear retailers. (You can read the article here: https://cwb-online.co/its-time-for-retail-to-talk-itself-up/). Therefore, David Luke is dedicated to providing the best quality schoolwear with excellent service to differentiate us from our competitors. We believe that buying high quality school uniform that lasts is better than buying cheap, multiple times. Kelly from Parentdish UK agrees. Read her article, as featured in the Huffington Post: Why I would never buy into cut price supermarket school uniform deals. Not only is our school uniform proven to be durable and competitively priced without compromising quality, the junior sweatshirt cardigan, along with many other of our garments, are part of our eco-range. This means that the polyester used in our schoolwear is made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottle waste. View our sweatshirt cardigan and find your local stockist today: https://www.davidluke.com/schoolwear/sweatshirts/junior-sweat-cardigan