Tilly Awarded the Green Blue Peter Badge

Green Blue Peter Badge's are awarded to individuals who care for the environment, conservation or nature. Our very own mini David Luke-er, Tilly, is the proud new owner of a Green Blue Peter Badge. Tilly, who is the daughter of our Merchandise Director and our Business Development Manager, was awarded the prestigious badge following a presentation she did at school about David Luke Eco-uniform. To apply for the Green Blue Peter Badge, Tilly wrote to Blue Peter telling them about the fantastic work she has been doing spreading the message about the effects of plastic pollution and what individuals and companies, like ours, can do to help. Tilly expressed her concerns about the amount of plastic she has seen on the news and how it is severely damaging our environment. She was asked by her teacher to do a presentation about the issues surrounding plastic pollution, recycling and the small changes we can all make to help. Tilly presented in front of the whole school and explained how plastic is causing problems in our oceans and on land. She then told David Luke's Eco story and explained how we make school blazers and other school uniform garments such as skirts, trousers, polo shirts and sweatshirts from post-consumer plastic bottles. Tilly said:
All the pupils and even teachers were amazed that school uniform can be made from plastic and couldn't believe how normal all the schoolwear garments felt.
To date, David Luke have saved over 20 millions two litre plastic bottles from going into landfill or polluting our oceans. You can read the David Luke Eco story here. Well done Tilly!