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Using recycled plastic bottles to make the Eco-fabric for the blazers is a fantastic way to demonstrate to children how products can go on to become something entirely different through the process of recycling. Students are proud to wear their uniforms.

Headteacher, Newport Free Grammar School

David Luke Group are committed to providing a quality service within the Schoolwear market, that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimises our impact on the environment. We value customer confidence and trust and recognise the responsibilities that come with our unique ability to influence audiences and inspire action. Innovation, durability and ethics are integral to this vision and our performance.

Environmental laws, regulations and codes of practise will be met when setting the standard for environmental performance.

This environmental policy is intended to guide and inform staff and contractors as to how they are expected to carry out their functions, work with one another and in representing the industry to customers, suppliers, shareholders, audiences and the general public.

We will ensure that this policy is properly communicated and understood and provide adequate resources for all our staff and contractors to be aware of their individual responsibilities and to be actively engaged and committed to improving our environmental performance. Our policy will be available on staff notice boards, our website, intranet and displayed around site.

Our Commitments:

  • Achieve compliance, as a minimum, with all acceptable legislations within our industry.
  • We are committed to using recycled materials in our uniforms and consider recycled materials with new developments.
  • To continue our partnership with Eco-Schools.
  • Continue working with ISO14001.
  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution arising from our operations.
  • Set and review environmental objectives and targets e.g. reducing paper consumption.
  • Purchase environmentally preferable goods and services where possible.
  • Encourage suppliers to minimise unnecessary packaging on our products.
  • Develop recyclable packaging and minimise where necessary.
  • Understand direct and indirect impacts that business activities and productions may have on the environment.
  • Educate staff and contractors about environmental issues and encourage them to adopt environmentally responsible practices at work and at home.

This policy will be reviewed within annual management meetings and is managed by the Managing Director.

Kathryn Shuttleworth

Managing Director


David Luke Environmental Policy Version 1.0 (15.11.19)

It feels nice and soft, I’d like to wear it.

Pupil, aged 8

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