School uniform comes to ‘Hollywood’

You may have noticed that not only has our website had a lick of paint recently but that we've also gone all ‘Hollywood’ and shot a short film. The reason we did this? We thought showing and telling you about ourselves and what we are all about would be more interesting than just writing a bit of text and titling it ‘About us’, and hopefully you agree.

Recognise any faces?

When we began to think about how we wanted a film about David Luke to look and sound it was a no brainer who would be the narrator. None other than the prominent industry name and our former Managing Director, David Burgess. So he’s the voice but did you notice any other David Luke staff members debuting their acting skills? The short film was shot across Lancashire, including our own offices and warehouse to Grays of Blackburn’s new shop in Clitheroe, who were very accommodating and generous with their time. The films purpose was to show case our school uniform and highlight its eco credentials. We wanted to tell you about why we think making school uniforms out of recycled plastic bottles is so important for our environment and future generations. But perhaps more importantly we wanted to share the David Luke message ‘Durability in mind. Ethics at heart’ and to let you know we have only just begun, there’s still plenty more to come. Special thanks to Paul at Grays of Blackburn.