The Bottle

It's time to go beyond the bottle. It's time to go circular.

In 2022 we began our journey with the Circular Textiles Foundation. Find out how we work with them and how they support us to design clothes that are recyclable.

How to spot a circular blazer

  1. Infinity Logo: On the lining of your Blazer and Jacket there will be a repeating pattern of an infinity logo.
  2. Swing Ticket: The Blazer or Jacket will have a swing ticket explaining our relationship with the Circular Textiles Foundation.
  3. Garment Labeling: On the inside chest of your Blazer or Jacket there will be a label stitched in, which can identify the garment as recyclable once the swing ticket is removed.
  4. QR Code: You will notice a QR code stitched in to the inside of your Blazer or Jacket, once scanned this will instruct you how to recycle your garment.

Recycled VS. Recylable

What does it mean?

How we Work with the circular Textiles Foundation

Circular Textiles Foundation

The Circular Textiles Foundation support brands to create genuinely circular clothing ranges.


They provide a certification system that guarantees each garment a route to fibre recycling at the very end of life.

Fibre-Fibre Recycling

They support fibre recycling technologies by designing clothing that can be recycled through their facilities.


They help to deliver clear messaging to consumers, enabling engagement with the brand and the circular journey of the new garment.

Ready to Recycle your Blazer or Jacket?

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